This photographic project is about a worldwide issue such as the 

indiscriminate clearcutting of trees and the continued loss of ecosystems around the world. The whole project was realized in Finland, country where both UPM and Metsä come from, two of the bigger companies in the production of cellulose pulp. This is why developing this kind of project on Finnish ground was really important for me, taking into account what is happening nowadays with UPM in Uruguay.

At the beginning this project, that was presented as a book, tells the story of a Finnish girl, Anna, and her family after the complete loss of one of the forests that accompanied the family for years. “What is a tree other freedom?” invites us to reconsider our behavior as consumers because we are who create the demand for big companies. If we continue acting as if nothing happens, many more stories like Anna´s will continue to happen. And little by little, biodiversity in the forests of Finland, as in the whole world, will be lost forever.

Exhibitions and publications.

The project was exhibited during the Art, Music & Media iWeek 2020 organized by TAMK (Finland) that due to the coronavirus pandemic it developed entirely in a virtual way.

On the other hand, the project was selected to be part of two Finnish publications: the book The First Online International Week 2020 and together with other photographic projects from around the world, in the book Visual Catalysts – Anthology (2020) by the organizers of the  Backlight Photo Festival (International Photography Festival celebrated in Finland more than 10 years ago).

If you are interested in knowing a little more about the project, I invite you to read the interview that Luiza Preda conducted for iWeek 2020, in which we talked about its realization and about my personal experience living in Finland:


*The images of the book presentation were taken by Laura Jaén García (@lorawolv).