I was born on a transition era.

An era in which at school breaks you not only played football with your friends, but also you played a lot trying to complete that difficult level on the Super Mario of a Game Boy with a 4x4cm screen. That screen that wasn't even backlit, which made it difficult to play in certain conditions.


Those of us born in the 1990s were part of a generation that started to taste the first keyboards and joysticks. The consoles.All kinds of Nintendos, Game Boys and PlayStations passed through my hands. We devoured those pixels that formed fuzzy silhouettes of Donkey Kong, Sonic and even an Ash Ketchum that was just beginning to settle down on some screens.

They are characters that remain in my memory.

They are colors, shapes, textures and sounds that make it very complex to get them away from my mind when i try to focus on design nowadays.


When someone ask me where I take references from,

the only truth is this reality.

Usually there is no Pinterest, Instagram, Behance or any social network richer than the memories that I have engraved in my memory.


Being an obsessive fan of ancient objects, I manage to find

a lot of inspiration in them. And reinventing them, as freaky as it sounds,

it makes me a little happier.


I have been lucky to heard that annoying and eternal noise of the modem if you wanted to be surfing some minutes on that strange world that opened up in front of our eyes called INTERNET.

Enjoying those moments of glory meant leaving your entire family disabled if you were waiting for an important phone call.

But you didn't care.

You wanted to discover that wonderful virtual world

that everyone was talking about.


This is how I grew up.

Designing Fotolog´s banners (one of the first social feeds that I had access when I was a kid and nowadays it doesn't even exist) without even knowing of the existence of one, or some, design programs that made everything easier.

Much less without knowing that a profession existed called



All that past I carry with me, today.

I grew up with all that digital age afloat.

It is a past that does not separate from me.


Welcome to my world.